Jaggery Production Process – Gur Making Process

Date: 2020-09-04 14:25:59

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Jaggery Production Process – Gur Making Process
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aggery making is a simple process comprising crushing of sugarcane for juice extraction, filtration and boiling of juice for concentration and then cooling and solidifying to give jaggery blocks. The juice is extracted in conventional crusher; this is then filtered and boiled in shallow iron pans. During boiling chemical bleaching agents or natural vegetable items like Bhindi (Lady finger) are added to clean the juice and the extraneous matter is constantly removed to give a bright golden colour. The boiled juice is then left to cool in iron/ Aluminum pots to form the jaggery blocks. The size of these moulds is specific and depends on the weight of the block of jaggery varying from 1kg onwards. The blocks are packed in jute cloth and dispatched. The yield rate of jaggery is about 10%, 100kg of sugarcane yields 10kg of jaggery.
Plant and Machinery

The product does not require many items of machinery. Keeping in mind the production capacity of 200 tonnes per year the unit will require the following machines. The main plant and machinery required comprise

Double roller sugar cane crusher with electricals – 1 nos.
Storage Tanks – 4 nos
Steel pans for boiling – 2 nos
Weigh bridge 100 kg . – 1. nos.
Iron Scrapper with long handle – 4nos.
Laboratory Equipment. – 1 set

The total cost of machinery is estimated to be Rs.1, 72,000/-.

The unit will also require miscellaneous assets such as furniture, fixtures, storage facilities, sealing m/c etc. the total cost of these is estimated to be Rs. 1, 00,000/-.

The power requirement will be 40 HP.
Raw material and Packing Material

The basic raw material for the unit is good quality full grown matured Sugar Cane. For producing 200 tonnes of jaggery the unit requires 2000 tonnes of sugar cane. The extraction of juice from sugar cane works out to about 45%. There shall not be any problem in availability of proper variety of sugarcane from the cane producing states. Other ingredients like Soda/ Bhindi (Lady’s finger) are all locally available. The unit will also require jute gunny bags for packing. The price of raw material and packing material at full capacity utilization is estimated to be Rs. 12.00 lakhs per year. At 60% capacity in 1st year the cost works out to Rs7.20 lakhs.

Land and Building

For smooth operation of the unit, it will require a small plot of land 500 sq.mts with a built up area of 300 sq. mts including storage facility. The same may cost approx. Rs. 6.00 lakhs.


For smooth functioning of the unit the requirement of man power is expected to be around 10 persons.


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